GUITAR: My approach to guitar teaching is based on a weekly practice regime consisting of exercises to improve 5 key areas of playing guitar. Each week the student will be given 1 exercise to learn in each category: Scales, Chords, Rhythm, Technique and Performance.

SAXOPHONE: While baritone sax is my specialty, the beginning techniques and exercises I teach are universal and will give any student the fundamentals to succeed. I take a similar approach to saxophone as I do teaching guitar, giving students weekly exercises to move them forward in 5 categories: Tone, Scales, Technique, Theory and Performance.

FULL BAND CLINICS: I also offer 2-4 hr sessions with full bands
Topics I cover:

PRICING: My typical rates are $20 for a half hour lesson and $35 for the full hour. However I also offer monthly plans at $30 per lesson, 4 lessons per month minimum with contract (month to month). Click here to view/print contract.